Singles for Family and Life

The CFC-SFL or Couples for Christ-Singles for Family and Life is one of the ministry under CFC-FFL. 

The CFC SFL must submit to the authority of the CFC FFL Chapter Head.  Although the Singles have their

own head who is Junarex Quiño, all the activities of the CFC SFL must coordinate with the CFC FFL. 


           Here in Transfi, the CFC SFL starts last year as the CFC FFL had their Christian Life Seminar. 

           Originally the CFC SFL had 5 members namely: Diana Obataya, Angelo Buena, Criselda Guray, May Jacildo

           and Juñarex as its head.  But now the only active member of CFC SFL was Angelo who served as website

           coordinator, Diana and Juñarex. CFC SFL welcomes any single men and women aged 21-40 years old provided

           they attend the 9 week seminar or CLS.  Then they form a household women-women and men-men because

           of the different needs of single men from women.  They also had their once a year conference together with

           the Singles for Family and Life all over the country.  For now, it is Fr. Arlo Yap, SVD who is the

           Spiritual Director of CFC-SFL