Apostleship of Prayer


Vision of the AP

                To unite all men and women in the spirit of prayer – in order for them to know God more, love Him more ardently, and learn how to talk to Him more intimately in prayer.

 Mission of the AP

                To promote prayer as the strongest weapon against evil and sin, and so for justice, peace and love to reign throughout the world.

 Purposes of the AP

                1. To instruct the faithful on Apostolic prayer.

                2. To promote an Apostolic spirituality.

                3. To evoke the practice of loving service to others.

The Apostleship of Prayer, therefore, aims to provide its members with a spirituality, wrought through prayer, that will help them develop their interior life and live out their deep relationship with Christ, in loving service to others, especially those in need. Prayer and service are at the very core of this Spirituality of the Heart of Christ, which all AP members should make the effort to imbibe in their lives.

What does the AP offer its members?

A. TheAP offer its members a Five Point Program of Spirituality

                1. The Eucharist and the Daily Offering

                2. The Sacred Heart Devotion

                3. Devotion to Mary, the Blessed Mother

                4. Loyal Concern for the Church

                5. A Spirit of Prayer – Careful attention to prayer

B. It helps its members to develop a sound spirituality:

·         centered on Jesus, our risen Lord;

·         oriented to the Mass;

·         aimed at living a genuine Christian life;

·         motivated by God’s love for men revealed in the Heart of Jesus

 C. It helps its members to render a simple, practical means of:

·         responding to their baptismal call to be apostles;

·         exercising their Christian priesthood;

·         appreciating the place of Mass in their lives;

·         living a life of Christian meaning and value – a life of prayer, self-giving and witness

 D. It converts the daily life into a sacrifice of praise, reparation and petition.

                 The Apostleship of Prayer is, therefore, a form of spirituality that helps its members live out their lives in a simple, concrete way. It gives them technique: the Daily Offering; and it gives them a motive: the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It presents them with a practical way of living life in union with Christ and making Him truly present in the world. It helps them adapt this way of life readily because of the compelling need they feel to respond to God’s love – a love He has revealed in a visible human fashion in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


 Coordinator – Ofelia Sta. Catalina

Vice Coordinator – NeliaDivino

Secretary – Sevilla Mojica

Treasurer – Francisca Mojica