The Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish church used to be one of the chapels of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish.  On the lot donated by the late Col. Salome Alfonte, the small chapel made of light materials was built through the efforts of the community.  It was blessed in 1981 by the parish priest of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Msgr Cesar Pagulayan.  As churchgoers grew in numbers, the community saw the need for a parish of their own.  Thus, upon the recommendation of the parish priest of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and with the approval of Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish was established on July 29, 1981, with Fr Amado Cruz, SJ, as the first parish priest.  Seven years after its establishment, during the term of its second parish priest Msgr. Allen Aganon, the parish decided to build a bigger church.

August 1979 San Roque Sub-Parish Pastoral Council under the parish of Our Lady 
of Perpetual Help was organized

December 9, 1979 Blessing of Barangay San Roque Sub-Parish, Image of San Roque
was transferred to Barangay center

January 12, 1980 Creation fo San Roque Church Foundation Committee

October 5, 1980 Rev. Msgr. Cesar Pagulayan celebrated the first mass on the
proposed church site

October 20, 1980 Start of the construction of the old chapel

July 29, 1981 Official establishment of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Parish (TOLP)

August 9, 1981
Installation of Rev. Fr. Amado Cruz as our first Parish Priest

1982 - 1985 Formation of various church mandated organizations and ministries,
including the Area Based Catechetical Program and Kristiyanong Kapitbahay (KRISKAP)

December 1985 Participation of TOLP in the National Marian Congress and Rally (to
commemorate the 200th Birth Anniversary of Blessed Virgin Mary)

February 1986 Participation of our parish in the historic EDSA People Power Revolution.
Our parishoners were among the very first ones who responded to the call of His
Eminence Jaime Cardical Sin

May 2, 1986 Installation fo Rev. Fr. Allen Aganon as our second parish priest.

September 1987
Parish Eucharistic Congress with Bishop Teodoro Bacani Jr. as guest
of honor and lecturer. It was the very first parish-wide congress ever held in our history
as a parish

March 1989 First parish-wide BEC Seminar was held

June 4, 1989
Proposed construction of our new church building was first made known
to the public on this day

July 14, 1989 Laying of the cornerstone of the new church building led by His Eminence
Jaime Cardinal Sin

December 16, 1989 Receiving of communion in the hand was first implemented in our

March 19, 1990 Start of the demolition of the old church building to pave the way for
the construction of a new one, which was timed to coincide woth the Feast Day of St.
Joseph the Carpenter and Patron saint of the universal church

July 1990 Start of school-based Catechetical Programs within the jurisdiction of our

April 26, 1992 Installation of Rev. Fr. Robert Reyes as our third parish priest

August 16, 1992 Launching of Parish Discernment Process (PDP)

July - October 1992
Heightened ecological awareness in our parish:
a. Regular monthly Oplan Linis of our parish starting July 26;
b. October 4 - the very first procession and blessing of animals.
The date was the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of Ecology

July 16, 1993
Creation of another area in our parish, Area 8 - the marketplace and its

August 8, 1993 Consecration of our church altar by Cardinal Sin. Dedication of the Church.

January 1995 Participation of our parish in the historic World Youth Day and on the
occasion of the Papal visit

November 19, 1995 Launching of Maliliit na Sambayanang Kristiyano (MSK), a BEC

January 24, 1996 The very first ecumenical service was held in our parish. The event
was led by Rev. Fr. Robert Reyes and by an evangelical pastor from Church of the
Risen Lord. It was also participated in by a representative from the Muslim community

February 1996 Start of Daily Morning Masses

March 30, 1996 Installation of Rev. Fr. Jay Bandojo as our fourth Parish Priest

April 20, 1996 Archdiocesan Consultative Assembly on the issues and topics of the
Second Provincial Council of Manila that was held on August 1996. The parish was
represented by the leaders of different ministries

October 18-20, 1996 The largest Parish Planning Session ever was held at St.
Michael's Retreat Hosue in Antipolo. The event was historic for many reasons, among
them is the almost complete attendance of Barangay and church leaders and the
formulation of a new Parish Vision-Mission

February 1997 Our parish started to adopt new structures for its pastoral council - the
Trinitarian Parish Pastoral Council

August 10, 1997 Installation of our fifth parish priest, Rev. Fr. Lincoln Carbaña on the
occasion of our parish fiesta

July 29, 1998 Blessing of the grillwork of the Transfiguration of Our Lord at the church's

February 20, 1999 Installation of Rev. Msgr. Romy Ranada as our sixth parish priest

April 1999 Blessing and dedication of the Prayer Garden to the Virgin of the Poor

June 1999 Spiritual formation of the new parish leaders and formulation of a more
simplified parish Vision-Mission Statement

July 29, 1999 Unveiling of the stained glass image of the Transfiguration of Our Lord
on the occasion of our 18th Parish Anniversary

December 31, 1999 Lighting of the newly installed chandeliers to symbolize the parish's
celebration of the Great Jubilee Year