Transforming Transfi

The newly commissioned Pastoral Team of Transfi, started out with a project called "Transforming Transfi."  It is a 5million fund raising campaign projects for the construction and renovation of the church.  There are three phases to this project: 

   Phase I - Church Transformation (2m)

                a. Re-roofing
                b. Cleaning and re-painting of ceiling
                c. Cleaning and re-painting of ceiling
                d. Installation of new LED lights  
                e. Cleaning and re-painting of facade
                f. Reconstruction of outer side wall
                g. Canopies in front and side entrance 

        Phase II - Reconstruction of Adoration Chapel, Sacristry, Garden Renovation including              
                            Installation of CCTV (1.5m) 

        Phase III - Basement Renovation (1.5m)

The Construction team finished up the painting of the ceiling and chandelier and placed new LED lights.  The ceiling looks attractive and clean with the new paint in sight.  Now they started the cleaning and re-painting the facade and to finish up the outer wall soon.  

If you want to be part of the transformation of Transfi, there are options to choose from:
1.  Drop by our parish office and donate in cash
2. Make check payable to TOLP Parish Pastoral Council
3. Direct Deposit to BPI Family Bank
  Accnt name : TOLP Parish Pastoral Council
  Accnt no. 00742-1-00201-5


Transfi Pastoral Team of the Parish Pastoral Council 

Coordinator :              Mads Javellana
Asst Coordinator:       Totie Golingo
Secretary:                    Camille Tapalla
Finance Council:          Aris Bayquen
Stewardship:               Julie Atacador
Worship:                       Baby Parlan
Formation:                   Aster Mojica
BEC:                              Jun Buena

After the discernment process, the parishioners came up with a list of Pastoral Team who will lead them and help the Parish Priest in the spiritual formation of the people.  Newly commissioned last Pentecost Sunday, they all accepted their new responsibilities and committed to serve the people of Transfi.